COVID Era Audits

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace. However, these changes have helped people remain safe. Temperature checks. Masks. Working from home. Lots of hand sanitizer. Even virtual meetings to virtual celebrations. Some of these changes may become the “new normal” for the workplace. Companies have gone remote and may continue to do so. This has lead to downsizing office spaces as many employees work from home. COVID-19 has also opened the world to the ease and convenience of video conferencing over meeting in person. Today, companies around the world work toward blending the new options of working from home and the office. 


Here at WG Biomedical, working virtually was an option initially. However, our team works better together in person. We have grown accustomed to daily temperature checks and wearing masks. Working from home is still used in the event of ensuring employee health and safety. But other than that, office wise not much has changed as we work toward how we can better serve our customers.


The only thing that has changed for our team is vendor auditing. Employees at the vendors are essential, and we need to ensure they are healthy and safe to continue processing and packaging. During the peak of COVID, our customer audits still needed to occur. WG Biomedical prides itself on assisting both our customers and vendors in the necessary audits to ensure product conformity. With the pandemic, our team was unable to go to the facilities themselves, so virtual audits were the only option. These virtual audits, while different than normal, were very successful and worked well for our team, customers, and abattoirs.


The WG Biomedical team is phasing into this “new normal.” The ability to conduct virtual audits works well for any paperwork review. All questions can be asked and answered to ensure everything is correct. On top of that, the limited access to the facilities for inspections ensures the health and safety of all parties involved. Virtual audits can also reduce the amount of time needed at the facilities and reduce travel time. The employees can focus on their production, and we can focus on auditing. Leading into the future, WG Biomedical will have a blended approach. We will do both virtual and in person audits, depending on the abattoir an customer needs.


At WG Biomedical, you can count on us to adapt to the changing times, meet the needs of our customers, and provide support to our abattoirs.