Audit Expectations

What To Expect From WG Biomedical Audit Assistance

Here at WG Biomedical, we want to make the process for you as easy and accurate as possible from start to finish. We assist in coordinating third party audits between our vendors and our customers.

We believe communication is the most important factor when auditing. We will provide all the pre-audit preparation with both the vendor and customer as well as coordinate with the plant to make sure personnel are present and available.

We help make the audit experience run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish:


Vendor Preparation

As our vendor in the audit process, you can assure complete audit preparation the day prior or morning of the audit.


Customer Preparation

As our customer, you can expect all required documentation to be gathered in one location as well as the vendor’s quality personnel’s full attention through the process. A member of our team will be there as well to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Trained Personnel

In any case that there is a non-conformity, WG Biomedical will work directly with their vendors to correct the non-conformity and establish measures to prevent the non-conformity from repeating. We will help provide training ahead of time to ensure the personnel are following the correct procedures.


Customer Care

WG Biomedical prides itself in our customer care. If the audit is running long, we like to provide refreshment or whatever else is needed to make the audit process as easy and non-taxing as possible.

The Result: A Successful Audit

When working with WG Biomedical you can expect a successful audit.
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