Over the past 40 years..

WG Provisions has grown to be a leader in the biomedical and livestock tissue industry.

WG Provisions has been around for 40 years in the meat industry, owning and operating several USDA processing plants. We also have over 40 years servicing the medical industryWe started off partnering with abattoirs to provide whole hearts for use in medical devices for human heart valve implant surgery.

Overtime, we have helped medical companies grow and helped their efficiency by providing training to abattoirs to achieve customer quality expectations. We play a key role in helping to facilitate audits of the abattoirs and their processes.

Our Story


In 1979...

WG Provisions was approached by a medical company to provide whole hearts from roasting pigs. We took a personal interest and involvement in assuring them of the supply they demanded.


Harvesting Roasting Pigs

WG soon initiated harvesting, processing, and sales of roasting pigs, so we could provide these whole hearts. The aortas were removed, and the leaflets found inside were used for heart valve replacement in humans, to extend and improve their quality of life.


First Order Received

Our first order was for 25 whole pig hearts to be shipped to California. The hearts were hand selected and packed in polyethylene bags, packed in a Styrofoam ice chest surrounded by wet ice, and personally dropped off at the United Airlines Freight terminal in Des Moines, Iowa. Soon after, we had weekly orders which showed promise for company growth.


Over 40 Years Later...

Over 40 years later, WG brings value and meaningfulness to our customers and to the lives of people around the world. WG has grown to be the leader in the biomedical and livestock tissue industry.